About me

About me
Photo by Jonas Stolle / Unsplash
Hi, my name is Michael. I'm a Senior Engineer currently based in Kraków, Poland. I am a versatile T-shaped person with solid expertise in Flutter and related technologies, open source contributor and author of articles in this blog.


With over 3 years of commercial experience, I've been involved in various projects of varying size and difficulty, including B2B, Fintech, Social and IoT. I have a solid knowledge of building extensible, supportable and high-performing systems while understanding the business value. I prefer to work as part of a team, but it is also possible for me to work on my own. Focused on results and delivering clean, high-quality code.


  • Asynchronous | Reactive programming
  • Isolates - parallel computing
  • SQL - SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • REST, GraphQL, Websocket
  • Firebase
  • gRPC
  • WebRTC
  • CI\CD
  • BLoC pattern
  • Layered architecture
  • Performance optimization, DevTools


I am an active member of the Dart and Flutter community and I have a few open-source projects:


  • Russian - C2
  • Ukrainian - C1
  • English - B2
  • Polish - A1