How writing helps you grow

How writing helps you grow
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

For centuries, people have recognized a simple truth: "Teaching others is a way to teach yourself." A few months ago, I also began writing and have seen results.

After realizing that I had a solid foundation and good grasp of concepts, I started producing written material. Initially, I wrote #LinkedIn posts, which then evolved into this blog.


I can truly feel the distinction between the information I studied on my own and the information I have written about. In my opinion, a successful writer is someone who conveys messages in a well-organized and easily understandable manner.

I strive to adhere to these principles as well. Whenever I find it difficult to explain a topic in simple terms, I recognize that there is still room for improvement. Additionally, arranging your thoughts in a structured manner helps to improve your understanding of the topic. This rule applies to every aspect of life, be it philosophy or physics.

Writing, like any public activity, can captivate an audience. Your posts and thoughts are likely to interest others, making it a great way to build your professional network and grow as a professional and a person.

Begin writing now to experience the benefits even if you're a novice. Don't forget to read my blog and subscribe! See you.

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